ESK Christmas Traditions – Part 4

As part of the season of Advent, ESK teachers and staff memories shared some of their most cherish memories and traditions as part of the daily Chapel services. We are bringing those stories to the blog this week as we prepare for Christmas. Today, we hear from middle school teacher Sara Huff. 


Every year when we put up our tree, my family listens to Elvis Presley’s Christmas album. When I was a senior in high school, my mom took a picture of my dad and I dancing in the living room to “Blue Christmas.” That picture is one of the only pictures of me dancing with my dad. I

A funny memory is when one Christmas my dad used numerical codes instead of our names on the gifts. He did this because my brothers and I would get under the tree and count our presents before Christmas morning. Come that Christmas morning when the gifts were being handed out, my dad forgot the key to the code that he had created for us. He passed out the gifts hoping he remembered correctly. I opened a fun gift and was very excited, only to be told that it was my brother’s instead of mine. I cried that Christmas morning. To this day, my family still talks about that one year dad made the gift codes.