Faculty Directory

  • Susannah Rogers

    JK4 Assistant

    • srogers@esknoxville.org
  • Lois Ross

    School Counselor/Testing

    B.S. Political Science – MTSU

    M.S. Educational & Counseling Psychology – University of Tennessee

    I believe that children learn best in schools that have a high academic bar and value respect for individual differences, recognize the gifts of all students, nurture development of character and spirituality, and provide authentic, engaging learning experiences. At ESK, all these critical elements are present, and included with academics, providing a solid foundation for a student’s success in life. 

    • (865) 218-4457
    • ross@esknoxville.org
  • Kristie Saliba

    Kindergarten Teacher

    B.S. Education – University of Tennessee

    M.S. Education University of Tennessee

    I want to create an environment where children become curious and engaged. I believe in sparking a desire to learn in kindergarten as they begin their educational journey. 

    • (865) 218-4452
    • saliba@esknoxville.org
  • Ken Smith

    Head of Building & Grounds

    Universal Certification for Refrigerant

    • (865) 218-4496
    • maintenance@esknoxville.org
  • David Spates

    Middle School Math/Science

    BA in Journalism – Virginia Tech

    MA in Elementary Education – University of Tennessee

    Children are hardwired to learn. It’s my job to teach them how to learn in the best ways they can. 

    • spates@esknoxville.org
  • Beth Sterchi

    Lower School Director

    B.E. Elementary Education – University of Tennessee

    M.A. School Administration – East Carolina University

    • 865-218-4472
    • sterchi@esknoxville.org
  • Cathy Stivers

    Third Grade Lead Teacher

    B.S. Education — East Tennessee State University
    • stivers@esknoxville.org
  • Jack Talmadge

    Head of School

    B.S. Biology – Hampden-Sydney College

    M.A. Educational Leadership & Administration – George Washington University

    Ph.D. Educational Leadership, Administration & Policy – George Washington University

    • (865) 777-9032 ext. 222
    • talmadge@esknoxville.org
  • Beth Talmadge

    Junior Kindergarten 3 Teacher

    • btalmadge@esknoxville.org
  • Brett Tannhauser

    Middle School Physical Education/Technology/Science

    B.A. in Communications/Journalism — University of Tennessee

    K-8 Education — Western Governors University

    M.A. Teaching K-8 — Western Governors University

    Technology in the classroom is not only necessary to engage students, but it is an essential tool for the future. Every day our lives become more deeply ingrained in technology. I believe it is my job to build the solid foundation for the students to build upon. Students need to have the skills and confidence to handle anything that they might be faced with in the future.

    • tannhauser@esknoxville.org