Faculty Directory

  • Brett Tannhauser

    MS Physical Education, Technology, and Social Studies

    B.A. in Communications/Journalism — University of Tennessee

    K-8 Education — Western Governors University

    M.A. Teaching K-8 — Western Governors University

    Technology in the classroom is not only necessary to engage students, but it is an essential tool for the future. Every day our lives become more deeply ingrained in technology. I believe it is my job to build the solid foundation for the students to build upon. Students need to have the skills and confidence to handle anything that they might be faced with in the future.

    • (865) 777-9032 ext. 309
    • tannhauser@esknoxville.org
  • Wendy Teffeteller

    MS Science

    B.S. Middle School Education – Mercer University

    M.E. Middle School Science – GA College and State University

    Science is best learned by doing. Students should be getting dirty and going outdoors to practice science. Science is all around us and children have a natural wonder for science but somewhere along the way, we made science boring. Science class should be the one class students love going to because of all we can do. 

    • (865) 218-4477
    • teffeteller@esknoxville.org
  • Parri Thurman

    Second Grade

    B.A. Child Development–Maryville College

    I believe that as a teacher it is my job to guide children to be inspired, self-motivated learners who are working to their full potential.  I believe that learning through using hands-on manipulatives, technology and engaging in problem solving activities leads to more excited, enriched, engaged and life long learners in the classroom.

    • (865) 218-4473
    • thurman@esknoxville.org
  • Isabel Urdal

    Third Grade Assistant

    Liberal Arts – College de Maisonneauue

    • urdal@esknoxville.org
  • Lynn Wise

    Kindergarten Assistant

    B.S. Psychology — Wofford College

    • wise@esknoxville.org
  • Caroline Wood

    Junior Kindergarten 3 Assistant

    B.A. Communication and Environmental Studies–Eckerd College


    • cawood@esknoxville.org
  • Kay Zimmerman

    Fourth Grade Assistant

    B.S. Mechanical Engineering – University of Illinois-Urbana/Champaign

    • zimmerman@esknoxville.org