Faculty Directory

  • Ashton Gallagher

    Middle School Choral Director

    B.A. Music and Elementary Education – Rollins College

    M.M. Choral Conducting – University of Tennessee

    “Music education opens doors that help children pass from school into the world around them – a world of work, culture, intellectual activity and human involvement. The future of our nation depends on providing our children with a complete education that includes music.” – President Gerald Ford 

    • agallagher@esknoxville.org
  • Margaret Googe

    Fifth Grade and MS Literature

    B.A. Elementary Education — Wake Forest University

    I teach because I love to learn and I want to share that love with my students. 

    • (865) 777-4216
    • googe@esknoxville.org
  • Sam Greeley

    Interim Middle School Social Studies Teacher

    Bachelor’s in Science and Education — University of Tennessee

    Pending Master’s in Science — University of Tennessee

    • sgreeley@esknoxville.org
  • Brandi Guerry

    6th Grade Language Arts/Literature

    B.S. Interdisciplinary Studies – Abilene Christian University

    I hope to encourage students to be lifelong learners by providing a safe and engaging environment where children can discover more about themselves and the world around them. 

    • (865) 777-9032
    • bguerry@esknoxville.org
  • Jen Hackett

    Junior Kindergarten 4 Teacher

    B.A. Early Childhood Education (birth-3rd) — University of Tennessee of Chattanooga

    M.A. Supervision and Instruction — Lincoln Memorial University

    I believe that every child is special and unique. Each child has personality traits and cognitive ideas that make a classroom a special, dynamic place. It is my job as a teacher to take children’s interests, thoughts and ideas to then inspire them to dig deeper for reasoning, questions, and answers. I do this by having a personal relationship with my students, creating a confortable/positive learning environment, and by continuing my own individual pedagogical formation.

    • (865) 777-4211
    • hackett@esknoxville.org
  • Nicole Hamonic

    Middle School Latin

    PhD Medieval History and Latin — University of Toronto

    Latin is alive and well!

    • (865) 777-9032
    • nhamonic@esknoxville.org
  • Alicia Rojas Haub


    B.A. Kinesiology–Harding University

    I love teaching because I like to share my gifts of Spanish and tennis.  I believe that children teach you more than you teach them.

    “If you talk to a man in a language he understands, that goes to his head.  If you talk to him in his own language, that goes to his heart.”~Nelson Mandela

    • (865) 218-4487
    • rojas@esknoxville.org
  • Sheau-Fei Huang

    Mandarin Chinese

    B.S. Foreign Languages & Literatures – National Taiwan University

    M.S. Special Education – University of Tennessee

    The goal of my teaching is to engage students in active learning.  I strive to create a secure, caring and stimulating environment in which each student can develop a deep appreciation for the subject, himself/herself and each other.

    • (865) 777-4218
    • huang@esknoxville.org
  • Sara Huff

    6th/7th Grade Math

    B.A. Education – Carson Newman College

    M.S. Middle Grades Teaching – University of Tennessee – Knoxville

    I believe that all students can be successful in math because there are different ways to get the correct answer. As in life, mistakes will happen, but it is what you learn from it that matters.

    • (865) 777-9032
    • shuff@esknoxville.org
  • Megan Jenkins

    Third Grade

    B.S. Psychology – University of Tennessee

    M.S. Elementary Education (K-6) – University of Tennessee

    I believe that every child is a unique individual with endless potential — it is our job as a community to work together to unlock that potential through the means that work best for each unique individual. 

    • (865) 218-4463
    • jenkins@esknoxville.org