Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff

Last Monday, Kathy and I were on line visiting with our son, Matt and our grandson, Keats. Keats is three years old and attends school for that age group. Matt was telling us how excited Keats was when he ran out to the car Monday afternoon. He got a card from his teacher and was excited to show dad. To daddy’s chagrin, it said Keats spent some time in the “Do Better Corner. “ It seems our grandson was a little over zealous in his play on the playground. Kathy and I started laughing. Matt failed to see the reason for our laughter. Matt and his wife Jill were concerned that their son had to be in the” Do Better Corner” in the first twenty days of school. We informed him that it was a matter of perspective.

Kathy and I have been down that road, and we now know that is all a part of the growing up process. One of our sons was a frequent flyer in time out corners, so we did have some idea of their concern. I tell this story to remind you that middle school is difficult as well as exciting for your child. Peer pressure, boy/girlfriend relations, homework , and sports can cause strain and pressure on your child. Missed homework assignments, a poor test grade, or a reminder slip can and probably will occur. While these events will naturally cause you concern, I encourage you to visualize the big picture. You have a wonderful and successful child. They are learning maturity and responsibility, and often times these lessons come with a price. Your child is receiving a quality education in a safe and caring environment, and with us working together, the goals you have established will inevitably be accomplished.