Coaches’ Corner: Marsha Brophy

Our own Coach Brophy has been a competitive athlete for most of her life. As a long-time coach and PE teacher, she has always taught ESK students to appreciate the benefits of movement. Now, as co-athletic director, she strives to teach discipline, excellence, and sportsmanship to our student athletes. This fall, she coached the MS volleyball team with Coach Guilford. She shared her thoughts on what makes the ESK athletic program unique and why she’s committed to life-long fitness, so the ESK community could get to know her a little better.

Coaches’ Corner with Coach Marsha Brophy

Q: Training and competing in athletic events has greatly influenced your life. How did your childhood experiences lead you to become a coach?

Coach Brophy: I grew up in an athletic family that supported both school and recreational sports in Oak Ridge (OR). My parents developed OR sports through coaching and the Oak Ridge School Board.  Their dedication to young people and belief in the benefits of athletics shaped me. I participated year-round in the organized seasonal sports of volleyball, basketball, track and fast pitch softball, but also loved to play tennis for recreation. I was able to earn some personal honors in volleyball and track, but my experience in high school basketball truly affected me as a person and even determined my college field of study. I was lucky to grow up with some very talented female athletes that allowed me to be a part of some special teams. As a high school senior, I was point guard for a State Championship winning team that went 37 and 0 and was ranked 3rd in the United States. Leading up to this title, my team had lost only five games during my four years in high school. Two of these loses were State Championship title games.  The third time was the charm! My coach, Jill Prudden instilled values that I’ve tried to embody ever since that time. That experience made me realize that athletics and coaching can have a wonderful impact on young people and communities. I knew then that I wanted to find a career path that kept me connected to sports. That led me immediately to coaching. After graduation, I assisted as a junior high fast pitch softball coach. Since then, I have coached youth basketball and track and field. I have been privileged to coach here at ESK since 2006. As Co-Athletic Director, I hope to demonstrate the same caring dedication to our children and athletic programs that I witnessed in my parents.

Q: As a coach, what do you look for in an athlete?   

Coach Brophy: Athletic skills can vary, but in my experience, those who have a “never quit” mentality are those who are going to be most successful. These are the kids who push even harder when they are exhausted. A never quit athlete won’t say, “I can’t do it!” These athletes may not reach every goal, but they’ll never stop trying and the strides they make in that journey are incredible!

Q: What makes an ideal player?   

Coach Brophy: Coachable athletes are most valuable and ideal. Coachable athletes listen to direction and they work to perfect skills, form, and technique.


Q: What do you hope kids learn from their time on a team at ESK?

Coach Brophy: I hope that our kids learn from me how to be a competitor. Those who know how to compete are consistent because they do not get rattled. Competitors rise to any situation.


Q: What do you hope kids gain from their athletic experience at ESK that will serve them later on in life?

Coach Brophy: Managing studies and activities as a student athlete is difficult. I want our kids to feel the support from our faculty and staff that they can handle both and be successful. The lessons they learn from these endeavors will give them confidence to handle their lives ahead.


Q: What makes the athletic program at ESK different from other schools?

Coach Brophy: Being an ESK Saint is a unique experience. Many of our students have been with us from their first school days. When you compete for our school, you are being supported by a family of faculty and staff that have nurtured and watched you grow for many years. You feel that love when you play HERE! For those who join us in 3rd, 4th or even 8th grade, you are one of us from day one! There’s always room for more family in ESK Athletics!