As I visit with friends and former colleagues, two questions always emerge. One, how do you like it, and secondly what is different? The first is easy to answer. I love it. The second always starts with class size, culture, environment, family involvement, and always ends with chapel. For years, a moment of silence was the only connection with religion. We lived our lives trying to model the golden rule for our students, but as a staff, we often felt lost and unable to help students.

After observing and listening to students at ESK for five years, the positive influence chapel has on our students is remarkably apparent. The practice of coming together as a community, celebrating, and sharing faith is a cornerstone of our school. This intention-filled togetherness creates an atmosphere that permeates our community and gives our students a beacon to follow. As I visit with our new students, chapel is always a topic of discussion as they discuss their new environment. We, the relatively new members of the ESK family, are consistently amazed with the magnitude and presence the chapel experience has on our lives as well as the lives of others.