Eclipse Day at ESK

Faculty and staff are beyond excited that ESK is in the path of the big eclipse arriving August 21st. This is a chance of a lifetime that won’t repeat itself in our area for hundreds of years. While several area schools have announced they will close on this day, ESK has made plans to embrace it as a wonderful educational opportunity. We will be open for business and cordially invite you all to join us on the hill to participate in the festivities.

A team of teachers has met several times this summer to develop many school-wide events and programs leading up to the big event. Older students will be paired up with the younger students (Eclipse Buddies), and we will begin an educational series together starting Thursday (8/17). As always, safety will be at the forefront of our activities.We have purchased approved viewing glasses for all students and staff (I tested them myself), and can order more for families who wish to join us. We will have plenty of literature for you to preview and many precautionary measures in place on the day of the eclipse. As Dr. Mark Littmann stated in his presentation, “… it is common sense. Don’t stare directly at the sun without protective eyewear”. In fact, he also says once the eclipse has reached the period of totality, direct viewing within the path is perfectly safe and you will want to take your glasses off to see the spectacular show.

The eclipse phases will begin at 1:04pm, and the window of totality on ESK’s campus will begin at 2:33pm, lasting for about one minute. Tellico Village, just west of the school, will be in the direct path of the eclipse and will enjoy a full two minutes of totality. We understand if you would like to take full advantage of this event and head further west with your family for complete viewing. We will also understand if you would feel safer having your child at home. In either case, please let us know in advance so that we can adjust our Eclipse Buddy assignments accordingly.

Again, this is truly a rare and unique opportunity for us, and we hope that you will make ESK your viewing site for this awesome event. I’ve included a couple of websites to preview, and we will have a more detailed agenda of our eclipse events available once the school year begins. Let us know if you have any questions, and enjoy your last days of summer vacation.

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