Alumni Focus: Liam Farabow

In the Fall/Winter 2016 edition of Scribe, ESK features several alumni who are doing great things in the Knoxville community and beyond. We will bring those same stories to the blog here at Liam Farabow is currently a freshman at the University of Tennessee. He graduated from ESK in 2012. 


How did your time at ESK prepare you for high school/college?

I would say ESK helped prepare me for high school and college by pushing me academically through my growing years and giving me friends that I am still close with today.

Was there a teacher (or can you think of a story) that captures what makes ESK special?

I would say a teacher that really epitomizes ESK is Mr. Jones. He really made class special and it was always fun when I knew I was about to have his class.

What is your major?

 My major is Political Science.

What made you decide to attend UT?

To be honest, the main reason I chose to go to UT was because I’m from Knoxville and my scholarships and in-state tuition made it the clear choice financially.

Can you tell me about your work with Tsunami Ministries this past summer in Kenya?

This summer I went to Kenya for 2 weeks with a group called Tsunami Ministries. We delivered water filters in rural areas along with helping to build a school and providing food to kids in Nakuru, Kenya.

How did you get involved with Tsunami Ministries?

The group is actually based in Winston Salem, North Carolina, and I discovered it through my grandparents, who live in the area and have also been to Kenya before.

What kind of impact has your experience this past summer made on your life?

The experience of going to a place like Kenya after never being outside of the US was life changing beyond what I can put into words. It really changed my perspective on life in a profound way and made me much more appreciative of living in a place like Tennessee.