Faculty Directory

  • Heather Cook

    Business Office Assistant

    B.A. Philosophy, Law & Rhetoric — Stephens College

    J.D. — University of Tennessee College of Law

    • 865-218-4990
    • cook@esknoxville.org
  • Susan Darby

    MS Office

    B.A. Economics & Consumer Affairs — University of Missouri – Columbia

    • (865) 777-9032
    • darby@esknoxville.org
  • Sarah Dew

    Aftercare Director

    B.S. Child & Family Studies

    • (865) 777-4213
    • dew@esknoxville.org
  • Leslie Downey

    LS Office

    Respiratory Therapist

    • (865) 218-4479
    • downey@esknoxville.org
  • Pansie Evans

    LS Physical Education

    B.A. Physical Education–Berea College

    M.A. Therapeutic Recreation–University of Tennessee

    Play is a child’s work!  Give them an opportunity to experience a variety of activities and they will become lifetime movers.

    • (865) 218-4469
    • evans@esknoxville.org
  • Jeanie Fewell


    • (865) 218-4465
    • fewell@esknoxville.org
  • Joe Fowler

    Director of Technology

    B.A. Music–Western Carolina University

    Orff-Schulwerk Level 1

    • (865) 218-4478
    • fowler@esknoxville.org
  • Ashton Gallagher

    Middle School Choral Director

    B.A. Music and Elementary Education – Rollins College

    M.M. Choral Conducting – University of Tennessee

    “Music education opens doors that help children pass from school into the world around them – a world of work, culture, intellectual activity and human involvement. The future of our nation depends on providing our children with a complete education that includes music.” – President Gerald Ford 

    • agallagher@esknoxville.org
  • Sam Gleason

    Middle School Latin

    B.A. English – University of Tennessee

    B.A. Classics – University of Tennessee

    M.A. Literature – University of the South

    M.A. History – University of Tennessee

    MLitt – Middlebury College

    When it comes to Latin and the study of classical languages, poetry and history, I believe firmly that we learn for life, not for school: “non scholar sed vitae.”

    • gleason@esknoxville.org
  • Margaret Googe

    Fifth Grade

    B.A. Elementary Education — Wake Forest University

    I teach because I love to learn and I want to share that love with my students. 

    • (865) 777-4216
    • googe@esknoxville.org