ESK Alums Visit China

Six 2015 ESK graduates enjoyed the adventure of a lifetime as they toured China for two weeks this summer. Alex Carter, Hannah Nye, Anna Spates, Rosie Lambrecht, Bryce Parker and Connor Bagley all made the trip, which was planned in conjunction with the University of Tennessee and Southeast University, located in Nanjing. The students have taken Mandarin Chinese for three years at ESK with their teacher Sheau-Fei Huang, who served as one of the trip’s chaperones. Other local high school Mandarin students were also part of the traveling group. While there, the students had numerous opportunities to put their language skills to use in real-world situations. Highlights included a day-long visit to host families, shopping excursions to local markets, many sightseeing trips to temples and historical landmarks, and even a meal at a Tennessee-themed restaurant where the students enjoyed China’s interpretation of Memphis barbecue.